day off againnnnn @^_^@

What a pity!

At first I gonna post some pics from the beach. But unfortunately, because the pictures were taken from Wern+'s camera; and she forgot to bring the camera's dock, so we were unable to load the pictures to computer +_+

To my friends at group A, I just wanna know what's going on there... The annoucement for N' intania 89 major has been announced. Could u guys update something on our group A webboard? Nobody has been there for month!!! I also want to know the news about 'welcome N' 90 (Rub Norng)' this year duay.

I have changed my flight back to Thailand. I will be back here on Wed, Jun 14th around noon. Since I will finished my job on Jun 1st, I will travel around DC and New York till Jun 9th, then I will fly to LA on that night (Jun 9th) . From then, I am going to join the tour to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas from Jun 10 - 12 (Saturday -Monday), and then fly back home :D

It's still a lil'bit chilly here in Ocean City. That's not nice at all!! It should be warmer and hotter! This week everything is really slow. -_- I really have no idea when the season will picking up.

I will be able to check e-mail and do some update again next Wednesday. (Damn it, I have to work dayshift 5 days in a row)


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    pop กูพึ่งไปเข้าสัมมนาของ Landmark Education เป็นการเรียนรู้เพื่อพัฒนาชีวิต และความสัมพันธ์ มึงน่าจะลองดูว่ะ น่าจะถูกจริตเลยล่ะ มันคือพุทธแต่อธิบายเป็นรูปธรรมโดยชาวตะวันตก พัฒนาอะไรได้มากเลย กลับมาหาเวลาไปให้ได้นะเว้ย ไม่ว่าจะเคยได้ยินข้อมูลที่นี่มาแล้วหรือไม่

    (ข่าวจุฬาล่าสุดคือวันที่ 9 ไม่หยุด หยุดสี่วัน 10-14)


  2. # Anonymous Kate~*

    โปรแกรมเที่ยวยาวเลยแก -*- อย่าลืมนาเว่ย เปิดเทอมวันที่ 5 นะ พูดถึงบอร์ดกรุ๊ปมะได้เข้าไปซะนาน เด๋วช้านจาให้น้องไปอัพให้นะว่าไคได้ภาคไร แล้วเจอกานเปิดเทอม+ของฝากนะแก 555  

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halfway through

hello, everyone :D

Gosh, I didn't think extending my vecation here could cause so much trouble +_+
I have to wait confirmation from my friends' parent. Moreover, I have just called interlearning about changing the flight. And they said they just know that my original flight has no stopover at LAX, so, it is not sure whether I can make a stopover or not, or I have to pay for some charge, DAMN IT -___-

C'mon, I just want to travel, and I think I really deserved it. After the damn-boring life at this Ocean City.

Now I'm really tired of the laundry job at the hotel. First I just think that I would used to it and time will fly faster in the laundry room. But it turned out to be that the more day I work there, I feel time pass slowerrr and slowerrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm now really envy all of other guys who work as housemen. Cuz they got more hour and they can take some rest while on duty, I mean, there were a time that no job need to be done, unlike here in the laundry, cuz you have to folddd fold and fold that damn bedsheets and towels!!!

Yesterday we went to Kaew's house, Kaew is working at McDonalds. The house is so nice and lovely. I really want to move there. Large living room with a very comfortable sofa... full kitchen... nice beds, etc. and it costs only 300$ per week (4 persons to share). The only disadventage is that it's so far from the hotel, must ride a bus for about 30 minutes.

We cooked some thai food there, well, you know, cuz we have no kitchen at the hotel (that's another reason why life here is so bored). It was a real heaven for me. We did some thai omelette, poo pud pong karee (curry fried crab), moo+ pud kratiem prik thai and some soup, etc :D

After that night, I just feel like... What am I doing here ? -_- It's just... not a life I'd expected to be. That night (last night), is the life I want. Do I really need to make some money here? (which not a really big money and sometimes it did not worth with my life here at all)

I have to go now, I think I'll come and update more blog tomorrow

Take care


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I have a day off again, well... nothing much to tell you...

It's just another boring day...

damn it -_- This town is really boring jing jing duay.

Actually, there were something happened at the hotel, but that sucks, and I don't want to talk about it anyway.

Hey, I heard that Chula hasn't confirmed to open at Jun 13th a. If it confirmed the opening date whether it is 5 or 13, pls let me know ASAP cuz I may have to change my flight, alright?

  1. # Anonymous ~off^^~


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    ตอนนี้ที่จุฬาประกาศออกมา เค้าจะไม่เลื่อนเปิดเทอม ก็คือวันที่ห้า แต่จะมีหยุด 5 วันเพื่อฉลองในหลวง 9-13 มิย.
    ทั้งนี้ทั้งนั้นอันนี้กูก็ว่าไม่ 100% เพราะปัญหาของระบบเอ็นท์ปีนี้อยู่ดี ถ้าเละจริงก็อาจต้องเลื่อน


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I'm back !

Pop n' Pep @ Ocean City

Gee! It was absolutely a busy week indeed. I think I've made about 500$ from last wk only -_- (of course, very tired)

Well, actually I had a lot of serious stuffs, but just put all of that behind, will talk about it later if I had time.

I have not much time today, there're still a lot of things to do.
I've just known that school will open in Jun, 13th, that's a week after. I'm considering to change my flight back to Thailand. So I have to call for the airlines, call for booking some tours, etc.

Last Thursday, R'Poom (with his familly) and Pep (my bro) came to Ocean City. They brought a lot of foods (YESSS), some curry, moo pud kaprao, rices (with rice cooking machine :D ), Grilled Chgicken. They were absolutely wonderful :P

It was a great day-off for me. We had some walk in the broadwalk, and then back to my dorm. Dan, Wern+, Guy, Te' and I went to the beach (we just want to celebrate some Songkran), anyway the water was too chill -_- I'll put some picture from the beach soon. (Cuz they are in Wern+'s camera)

On Friday night, I've done some dishwashing job at Macky's. Another restaurant which my friend was working. They just needed some more guy to help. So I did. They paid 8.5$/hr. That's quite a lot. But then I went there, I realized that the job is not worth 8.5$ at all -_- IT WAS ABSOLUTELY A MESS. Cuz they were using a lot of pans!!!!! And I had to scrubb all the things -_- So I decided to do it just once, 555

Some people are making a lot of money here, Nik n' Bank got a lot of tips from chinese restaurant, they had made 90+$ in some nights. Podra already got his 4th job -_-

Anyway, right now I'm just stick with my two jobs only.

As I'm working in the laundry room. The sheets and towels is piling up so high, I wish I will take pictures and send to you someday. Next time you go to the hotel, you'd better bring your own towels. There're a lot of inside things behind that you don't know :S

Well, That's all for today, see you later :D
luv ya all


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stuck in da lift

Pop n' Bank


What a busy week!!!!

I'm so glad that finally I have a day off @>_<@ I need it so muchhhhhhhhhhhh
I've work full day (from about 8 am- 10pm) for 4 days laew -_-"

Well, it's the Easter holidays here. All the school are off for a week (Springbreak). So, things are really busy here in Ocean City. The day I work as a busser in a restaurant is great. I've made 33$ tips :D

I've sth fun to tell you. Last Friday, my supervisor told me to vacumn the elevator. So I did. I took the vacumn cleaner from the 3rd floor and start vacumning, one hand holding the cleaner, another hand keep pressing the 'DOOR OPEN' button (cuz I don't have a key to stop the elevator). Suddenly I felt sth movin'. So I looked back... !@#)()# It's 2nd fl..... and 1st fl!!!!! and the cord was stuck in the door -_-" ... just think of you stuck in my situation... how nervous - -"
Well, when I reach the 1st fl, I saw hotel's guests waiting for my elevator (still lucky that they weren't come in)... but the cord was still stuck with something in the door, and I couldn't pull it out +_+ So... I decided to go back to 3rd floor (with the cord still stuck in the door)

I was very lucky that when I reach the 3rd floor. I saw bertz, the security guy, just walked pass the elevator. So I called him to stop the elevator (it would be no fun at all, if someone call the elevator from the 5th floor). Finally he could help me pull that cord out. +_+

Hey, but don't laugh at me, alright? cuz when I told this story to my co workers.. they all told me 'this is always happen' :D

Well, I really don't know when I can update my blog again. Since the season is picking up here. So, see you later! miss u all, and have fun with Songkran holidays na


  1. # Anonymous nsom


    ระวังเนื้อระวังตัวด้วยน้า ^ ^

    ปล. ระหว่างที่แกดูดฝุ่นลิฟท์ที่นู่น เราต้องนั่งขัดห้องน้ำอยู่แถวศาลายาแน่ะ -___-  

  2. # Anonymous Kate

    หุหุ ตื่นเต้นดีมะแก 555
    ว่าแต่เซงว่ะ สงกรานต์ไม่มีรายทำเลย T-T เซ้งเซง  

  3. # Anonymous pp

    กูเบื่อว่ะ สงกรานต์แม่งมีแต่ที่เบียดๆ  

  4. # Anonymous พีพี

    อีกอย่าง เพลงโปรโมตโฟร์มดอัลบั้มใหม่นี่แม่ง เยี่ยมจริงๆ  

  5. # Anonymous ~off^^~

    คนเยอะเหมือนกัน เค้าว่าจะเป็นแค่สองอาทิดนี้อะ เห็นเมเนเจอร์เราว่างั้นนะ

  6. # Anonymous เอก

    ไอ้ป็อบ เค้ายกเลิก class elec นะ
    ทำให้มึงต้องลง gen ed เพิ่มตัวนึง
    มึงว่าไงวะ ตามน้ำเลยปล่าว
    แล้วก็อีกอย่าง มันมีให้เลือก 2 ทางว่ะ
    คือเรียน 4 วันก่ะ 5 วัน
    กูก่ะออมก่ะจะเรียน 5 วัน ส่วนติ๊นี่ยังไม่แน่ใจนัก เดี้ยวจะไปคุยหาข้อสรุปอีกที
    เอาเป็นว่ากูสรุปกันชัวร์เมื่อไหร่มึงก็ลงตามกูเอาละกันนะ ถ้ามึงไม่ชอบยังไงก็มาจัดการเอาตอนเปิดเทอมอีกที


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Another Day

before beginning, I must apologized if I do not reply quickly while chatting in MSN na, cuz I'm using the computer in the library and they allow me just about 30 - 60 mins to use the computer. I also have to chk e-mail and done the blogging too.

One more thing, I think I'll be here for chatting again on Saturday night (Thai Time) about midnight or around 1 am na

Whoa, you guys may think I've updated my blog site a lot in this week... That's not a good news at all. Why? Cuz that means I got no job (day off) at the hotel -_-

Because the 'spring season' hasn't come up yet at Ocean City. So, everthing here is quite slow. That means I got less hour to work. :( Last week I have worked only 25.5 hrs (from the estimated 35 hrs that I should have)

Anyway, still lucky that I got second job. Today I'll do the dishwashing again. Since I have 2 positions in the restaurant I worked; dishwasher and busser. It is better to do the dishwashing in weekdays cuz they pay 7$ an hour while busser got 3$ + tip. It's much less crowded in weekdays... so if you do the dishwasher, you'll have less dishes to be cleaned. In the other hands, if you do busser, you'll get less tip.

Yesterday, I started working at Dumsers (my restaurant) at 3. I was doing the dish, Dan do the busser. From 3-5 I really got almost 'nothing' to do. It just like... sitting and wait for money to fall on your head, ha ha. I'm soooo happy. But Dan is not (of course). Well, some of our coworkers told us that yesterday is a very rare day. It usually more crowded than this. So, poor Dan got 11$ of tip at the end of day without dinner (That's 29$ altogether with 3$/hour) while I got a whopping 42$ + dinner + full dish of ice-cream sundae (YESSS!)

I've complained that I cannot get a meal when I worked in a restaurant. That's half the truth. The truth is, I CAN have meal if I work as dishwasher. So I have some dish of fish, hot meat, and ice cream already in a last couple days :D

Now nearly everyone here at Princess Royale Hotel got second job. We sometimes shared foods we taken out from the restaurant we worked. Dan and I usually brought Fried chicken and baked potatoes back (That's all what we can take) Podra and Un+ brought some Ice-cream. Nick n' Bank brought Chinese food (rice, soup, foods..... they also bring stuff we brought from Thailand to the restaurant, so they can make sth back! We've just had Tom Yum Goong!)

So, everything here is fine:) We're still waiting for the season coming, so we can have more work :D You may curious that why we want so much work, becuz freetime here is sucks. nothing to do :( So it's better to work wa.

Well, it's quite a long blog indeed. I'll finished it now. Hope everyone is doing well too! :) Oh, It's really good to know that Thaksin is finally resigned.

Take Care


  1. # Anonymous อ้อน


  2. # Anonymous nsom


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more picss

pics from last night, playing cards ( I lost 1.8$ -_-)

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3rd wks (pics)

Finally, I can post some pics

Well, every Sunday... we'll have some (little) party :D

Fortune Teller!!

hmmm... 30 cans for 23$... not bad at all:)

Un+ Trin and me :D

Te' , me and Un+

(more old pics)

Pueng, Fon+, arwee ... big pecker's girlss

Broadwalk in Ocean City (it will be crowded in summer)

LAX, AA Terminal

  1. # Anonymous ออฟขนุนฝนหมู

    ไอ้ป๊อปเป็นไงบ้าง เข้ามาดูบ่อยๆตามที่แกบอกแล้วนะ
    เมื่อวันศ.ที่ผ่านมาเพิ่งไปดู cherry blossoms ที่ D.C. มาหละแก แลนเลดี้ชั้นเป็นคนขับรถพาไปให้เว้ย ใจดีมะๆๆๆ เข้าไปดูรูปดิแก ถ่ายมาเยอะแยะเลย เที่ยวทั้งวันเลยแก ไปมันทุกที่ในดีซี หนุกมากๆ สวยมากๆ
    เดี่ยววันไหนซักวันเค้าก้อคงขับพาชั้นไปเที่ยว Ocean City หละแก คงได้เจอกัน เพราะว่าเจ้านายชั้นใจดีมากเว้ย ให้ทุกคนหยุดพร้อมกันได้อาทิดละวัน เค้าเลยจะพาไปเที่ยวได้ทุกอาทิด
    แก ทำไมทุกคนต้องหา second job ทำกันวะ ไม่เหนื่อยกันเหรอแก? ระวังสุขภาพนะแกทำงานหนัก ชั้นเป็นห่วง สู้ๆ  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hey pop! it's pea..

    I think I know that girl, Fon. Is she studying at Law Chula..think she might know Pam+ as well...

    Hope you have damn fun dude...  

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Second Job

Hi Everyone

It is the 3rd week here. Time flies so fast!
I'm getting used to my laundry job. I have borrowed some Spanish Book+CD from the library and learned some words already :D

una funda es azul = a pillow case is blue

ha ha ha ^^

Anyway, there's a problem; one dryer is quite malfunctioning, it causes a loud hmmmmmmm. So loud that I have to buy an earplug in order to protect myself -_-

Right now, most of us got the second job already.
Dan and I work at Dumser's restaurant. It sells typical American foods : burgers, club sandwich... things like that. It also sells an ice cream.
We are doing Dishwashing and Busser. This weeks I will do dishwashing for 3 days and busser for a day (Sunday). Pay rate for dishwashing is 7$ and busser is 3$+tip .... let's hope I can got lots of tip (plssssssssss)

Busser is fun, (of course, compared to the laundry job I got at the hotel). Dishwasher is okay,
The trouble with this job is that I have to had my meal (dinner) ready before getting there. So I have to finished my dinner at about 4.30 before go to work at 5.

I try not to compare my job with the others... you know, becuz it doesn't make anything better anyway.

The girls, Nik and Bank work at Chinese Restaurant. They do almost everything, serving, dishwashing, etc. get 3$ + tip. The greatest thing about this job is that they can take-away Chinese food everyday... Arghhhhh

Wood is doing the dishwashing at Green Turtle restaurant for about 8$ and he will switch to another restaurant; Macky's for 8.5$!!

Podra and Un+ probably got the best job, they sells ice-cream, it is the most easy job compared to the others. Get 6 days a week at 6.5$ + tip (and probably earn more hour rate as time passed)

The others, Te', Trin, Chompoo and Mameaw is now getting job, they will start their job soon.

The weather is getting nicer day by day. I hope it will get hotter as soon as possible cuz when it's hot... the season here will begin, and we can get more job.

Hope everyone at Thailand is doing well. I still eager to learn what happen to all of you guys.

P.S. I tried to post some pictures but it just don't work -_- let's hope I can do it next time

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ข่าวด่วน ทักษิณไม่เป็นนายกแล้ว แต่คงมีนายกโดนเชิดแทน ไม่ต่างอะไรมาก เพียงแต่เห็นเลยว่ายอดเยี่ยม อ้างในหลวงถึงการไม่รับเป็นนายกด้วย

    สู้ๆเว้ย หางานหาเงิน อยู่ที่นี่มีแต่ใช้ ไม่มีหา


  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    คือว่าเราอยากถามเกี่ยวกับsecond jobอ่า

    ช่วยเมล์มาหรือแอดมาก็ได้น๊า plzzzz


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