Another Day

before beginning, I must apologized if I do not reply quickly while chatting in MSN na, cuz I'm using the computer in the library and they allow me just about 30 - 60 mins to use the computer. I also have to chk e-mail and done the blogging too.

One more thing, I think I'll be here for chatting again on Saturday night (Thai Time) about midnight or around 1 am na

Whoa, you guys may think I've updated my blog site a lot in this week... That's not a good news at all. Why? Cuz that means I got no job (day off) at the hotel -_-

Because the 'spring season' hasn't come up yet at Ocean City. So, everthing here is quite slow. That means I got less hour to work. :( Last week I have worked only 25.5 hrs (from the estimated 35 hrs that I should have)

Anyway, still lucky that I got second job. Today I'll do the dishwashing again. Since I have 2 positions in the restaurant I worked; dishwasher and busser. It is better to do the dishwashing in weekdays cuz they pay 7$ an hour while busser got 3$ + tip. It's much less crowded in weekdays... so if you do the dishwasher, you'll have less dishes to be cleaned. In the other hands, if you do busser, you'll get less tip.

Yesterday, I started working at Dumsers (my restaurant) at 3. I was doing the dish, Dan do the busser. From 3-5 I really got almost 'nothing' to do. It just like... sitting and wait for money to fall on your head, ha ha. I'm soooo happy. But Dan is not (of course). Well, some of our coworkers told us that yesterday is a very rare day. It usually more crowded than this. So, poor Dan got 11$ of tip at the end of day without dinner (That's 29$ altogether with 3$/hour) while I got a whopping 42$ + dinner + full dish of ice-cream sundae (YESSS!)

I've complained that I cannot get a meal when I worked in a restaurant. That's half the truth. The truth is, I CAN have meal if I work as dishwasher. So I have some dish of fish, hot meat, and ice cream already in a last couple days :D

Now nearly everyone here at Princess Royale Hotel got second job. We sometimes shared foods we taken out from the restaurant we worked. Dan and I usually brought Fried chicken and baked potatoes back (That's all what we can take) Podra and Un+ brought some Ice-cream. Nick n' Bank brought Chinese food (rice, soup, foods..... they also bring stuff we brought from Thailand to the restaurant, so they can make sth back! We've just had Tom Yum Goong!)

So, everything here is fine:) We're still waiting for the season coming, so we can have more work :D You may curious that why we want so much work, becuz freetime here is sucks. nothing to do :( So it's better to work wa.

Well, it's quite a long blog indeed. I'll finished it now. Hope everyone is doing well too! :) Oh, It's really good to know that Thaksin is finally resigned.

Take Care


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