Load of picturessss!!

Hey guys! Finally I have a time to put some pictures here :D

Let's begin with the pictures taken from off's blog (Thanks for ur pics na ja). She had been here last ... errr... Friday in da last two wks, I guess? I hope you don't my if I'm inviting these Nike girls to be my models ^^

This is the restaurant I'm working 'Dumsers Dairyland', selling typical American food (hamburger, cheesesteak subs, fried chicken, etc) and also home-made ice cream. (Believe me, it's reallll goooood)

Enjoying Brownies Sundae

Note : There are 3 Thais working here; me, Dan and Arwee.

These pics are taken from the painter's house, after having a great Thai meal :)

This is the latest, party @ the same place yesterday. It was crowded! 20+ Thais. So much fun!
(Of course, there are more Thais in this city but they just couldn't be here yesterday)

Gosh, only 3 more weeks of working!!!! I'm counting down the date I will be free from this hotel -*- Now I'm really busy with my vecation planning. We will definitely go to New York City, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. I have purchased a package tour already; I'm still considering whether we will go to NY 3 or 4 or even 5 days. It seems that I will not have much time for spending in DC, unfortunately. The group is large, we are talking about 16 people to NYC!

Sounds fun, eh?

More pics... some common scence we had everyday

midnight swamp gang (party after part-time job at the cafeteria)

eating habits is so notorious for every Thais
one day we saw this sign...

(It reads : All Thai Students ... Please Clean Inside of Both Refrigeraters... If we have to clean we will charge you!!!)

Playing cards til' the morn'!

That's it for today :D I think I'll be back on Wednesday. See you!

  1. # Anonymous ~off^^~

    แหม มาแล้วติดใจเหรอยะ
    แก ชั้นซื้อCOACHไปสองใบและ...

  2. # Anonymous TO

    "All Thai Students please clean inside of both refrigerators/ If we have to clean it, we will charge you!"

    Fuck that!  

  3. # Anonymous kate

    แก... อย่าตกใจกับข่าวที่จาบอก
    ชาคริตประกาศหมั้นกับจั๊กจั่น อาคัมศิริ แล้วเว่ย
    ผู้ชายเสียใจกันค่อนประเทศ 555  

  4. # Anonymous macci

    เฮ้ย ซื้อ Nano แล้วอะ ชอบม๊ากมาก หูฟัง in ear ด้วย แต่พอซื้อมาแล้วก็นึกได้ว่ารุ่นเดียวกับมึงเลย


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