Believe me, I'm working! :P

Well, there is a comment suggested that I should start writing blog in English in order to improve my writing skills. After keep procrastinate for a while, it's time to start! (However, the rest of Phuket blog series will remain in Thai.)
If there's any comment or correction, please please and please let me know

Well, first of all, I must say... it has been a week of dramas... I used to be a person who rarely watch the plays, now I'm a person who see both on-stage and back-stage, who knows... perhaps the next time I know, I might be pushed (or pulled!?) into a stage :P

This week is also a week of MUSIC. I've been to Fat Festival 7 on both Saturday and Sunday, CUMA on Monday, CU Music Festival on Tuesday and Heineken's Green Space (Moderndog) on Thursday.. Will talk about this later if I have time.

What I really want to write today is about the first meeting of the IE in service industry project team, Me, Jock, Mick and Waew (and Por who is not in the team but also joins the 'journey' today). This team is simply amazing, what a combination! Well, if you guys know how we are, you might get an idea.

We met at TCDC around 2pm, of course, we were not head directly to resource center and start doing our assignment, but went to see 'PRESENCE OF THE PAST', an exhibition displayed HRH Princess Sirivannavari's Paris fashion week collection. The exhibition was magnificent, and I really mean it!!, see it yourself!!

Finally it was working time, however it seems that we spent a lot of time on wastes, discussing what should be our service industry. This might be the first time in TCDC that I'm not that productive -_-

5.30... We all just agreed to leave Emporium and head for... dinner :P ... and it had to be An An Lao, Jock's Chinese restaurant in Thornglor road... Foods were great as always... Then we walked to J-Avenue, surveying Heineken's Green Space, get Mmm..Milk ice cream and headed to MOUSSES BERRY and had 4 marvelous cakes :D

What!? Haven't I told you that I'm working?

Alright, we continued our work after finished those cakes and finished around 1030 :P Hey, at least we had some progress, weren't we?

  1. # Blogger Paul_012

    - there have been comments suggesting...

    - writing this blog... / blogging...

    - After procrastinating...

    - If you have / there are any comments or corrections...


  2. # Blogger j a r o z

    Thanks, Paul! You're the man...
    That's a lot of errors (within just one paragraph)... No doubt I got only 20/30 in TOEFL iBT writing section.  

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