Scotland : Bonus Trip

Hi Guys

I'm writing this blog from Scotland.
Now I'm in St' Andrews, Kingdom of Fife, 1 hour away (by train) from Edinburgh.
This is a small but very beautiful countryside by the sea. The air is very refreshing. It's about 10 degree and windy, so, a little bit cold but that's alright.

Yesterday I've been to Edinburgh, Unfortunately that I had a limited time to explore the city. So, I had a short walk along Royal Mile road to the Castle. The architechture here is antique and gorgeous.

Queing to buy a ticket for the Edinburgh Castle took about 30 minutes. -_- Anyway, the scenary from the castle towards the city is very beautiful and absolutely stunning. I met Yui (Tanida) there, but just do a little chatting, though.

One thing that I like here is the 'smoked salmon'... it's very fresh and cheap (compare to London or Bangkok). So, I had the salmon salad for lunch. It's about 6? but they gave a lot of salmon ;D I'm thinking to buy these salmon back home. What do you think?

I'm using the computer from the hotel. It's very lovely hotel... almost like a house.. there had a beautiful garden. well, I'll upload the pictures after coming back to Thailand

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